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Action Script 3.0 essential training

2. Communicating to MovieClips, Variables, and People
*Communicating to MovieClips
*Modifying MovieClips properties
*Understanding variables
*Setting variable data types
*Using trace statements
*Using comments

3. Using and Writing Functions
*Understanding functions
*Writing custom functions
*Making a function modular
*Making a function return a value

4. Responding to Events
*Understanding event types
*Using a listener to catch an event
*Writing event handlers
*Responding to mouse events
*Responding to keyboard events
*Creating a link to a website
*Using the enterframe to create animation
*Using the timer event to control animation

5. Understanding Classes
*Understanding classes
*Writing a custom class
*Extending an existing class
*Understanding methods
*Public vs. private properties and methods
*Bringing a class object to the timeline

7. Using Math...and Loving It!
*Understanding conditional statements
*Understanding conditional operators
*Generating random numbers